Choosing the Right Auto Transport Method: Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping

The choice of auto transport method depends on several factors, including the auto transport carrier, the type of vehicle, the destination, and personal preferences. It’s important to consider the cost and specific needs of your vehicle when selecting the appropriate transport option. Below is a brief explanation of the differences between enclosed and open car shipping:

Enclosed Carrier Truck:

  • In this method, vehicles are transported in fully enclosed trucks, providing protection from weather conditions and road hazards.
  • Enclosed carriers can have either canvas or hard sides, ensuring the safety of the vehicles inside.
  • While multiple vehicles can be transported at once, the capacity is generally lower compared to open carrier trucks.

Open Carrier Truck:

  • This method is commonly used to deliver vehicles to dealerships and involves transporting multiple vehicles at a time.
  • Vehicles are exposed to the elements during transport.
  • Open carrier shipping is a cost-effective option compared to enclosed carrier transport.

It’s worth noting that open carrier trucks are widely used and considered safe by dealerships. Auto transport companies prioritize the safety of your vehicle and wouldn’t employ methods that could potentially harm it.

To ensure a safe transportation process, it’s important to prepare your vehicle accordingly. Follow these suggestions:

  • Wash your car thoroughly before transportation to allow for an accurate condition assessment.
  • Be present during the condition assessment or authorize someone to represent you.
  • Provide a list of any existing mechanical issues and take photos of your car’s condition, including any defects.
  • Ensure the core operations of your car, such as steering and brakes, are fully functional.
  • Lower or remove antennae and remove temporary luggage, bike racks, or ski racks.
  • Provide a full set of car keys and remove all personal and loose items from the vehicle.
  • Disable your car alarm and keep the fuel level at around ¼ of the tank to reduce weight.
  • Ensure that pick-up and drop-off locations are accessible and be punctual.
  • Provide your contact details and obtain the freighter’s contact information for tracking purposes.

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