Luxury Enclosed Auto Transport

The safest and most reliable method of transportation for the entire journey.

Enclosed auto transport

What is enclosed auto transport?​

Enclosed auto transport, also known as enclosed vehicle transport, is a transportation service in which vehicles are loaded and transported in trailers or trucks that are completely enclosed and protected from the elements and weather conditions. Unlike transporting vehicles in open trucks, where vehicles are exposed to the elements and possible damage from rain, dust, dirt, or road debris, enclosed transport offers a higher level of safety and protection.

How do I know if I need an enclosed auto transport service?

If you meet the following characteristics this service is for you:

1. You have a valuable vehicle, luxury, antique, autonomous or collector’s car.
2. Maintaining the impeccable condition of your vehicle is essential.
3. You want to minimize the risk of damage caused by weather, dirt, road debris.
4. Your vehicle has sentimental value.
5. Your vehicle is an investment and has sentimental value.
6. You want the security and peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will be safe and protected throughout your trip.

What sets open and enclosed auto transport apart from each other?

The key distinction between open and enclosed auto transport lies in the level of protection provided during the vehicle’s journey.

Open Auto Transport: In open transport, vehicles are loaded onto an open trailer. While this method is cost-effective and efficient, it exposes your vehicle to external elements, such as weather and road debris, which may lead to cosmetic wear and tear.

Enclosed Auto Transport: Enclosed transport, on the other hand, involves placing your vehicle in a fully enclosed trailer, protecting it from external factors like weather, dirt, and debris. This option is preferred for high-value or delicate vehicles that require maximum protection.

Is enclosed auto transport a door-to-door service?

Yes, our luxury enclosed transportation is door-to-door. This means that your vehicle is picked up at the location you specify, such as your home or a designated point, and then delivered directly to your desired destination.

With enclosed transportation, the focus is on providing a safe and hassle-free experience, ensuring that your valuable or luxury vehicle is treated with the utmost care and protection throughout the journey. The process typically includes pickup at your door and delivery to the location you specify, making it a convenient and comprehensive service for transporting your vehicle. It is important to verify that the locations you select have no restrictions or items such as low trees that may hinder this service. We will arrange the locations that best suit you.

Is enclosed auto transport a dedicated service?

Yes, we offer this service if you want it, it refers to a specialized transportation solution in which resources and means of transportation are assigned exclusively to take your vehicle from a specific place of origin (point A) to a predetermined destination (point B). This dedicated transportation approach ensures direct and efficient delivery of cargo from an initial point to an end point without intermediate stops or detours.

What makes us stand out?

We specialize in transporting high-end sports cars, luxury cars, classic cars, vintage cars, antique cars and autonomous cars! We have a wide range of high-end enclosed trucks to give you the utmost security and protection for your rolling jewel.​

We have a "Glove Service" approach providing an exceptional level of care and service. You will have a quality and hassle-free experience.
We meet delivery times and are transparent with pricing that is set at the time of contract.
We have trailers up to 13 feet high, having an autonomous vehicle will no longer be a problem for you.
Clear communication and updates on the status of your vehicle throughout the entire journey.
You can easily track your vehicle along the way. We cover all 49 states!
Full coverage of your vehicle to give you security and peace of mind.
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